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Fence Types
wood fence
The classic fence material. Available in many styles, wood species, and colors.
vinyl fence
Durable and long lasting with minimal maintenance, vinyl typically costs more than wood.
ornamental black fence
Ornamental aluminum, steel, and wrought iron fences add style and security to your space.
chain link fence
Chain Link
Chain link is an incredibly versatile fence. Quick to put up, highly functional and cost effective.
Fence Styles
privacy fence style
PVC Privacy
Seclude your space from the outside world, create a haven.
picket fence style
The quintessential American fence creates a classic look.
split rails fence style
Split Rail
Create a rustic feel with the traditional Split Rail fence.
ornamental steel fence style
Ornamental Steel
A Steel fence enhances your space with security and style.
ornamental aluminum fence style
Ornamental Aluminum
Durable and long lasting, Aluminum is an attractive and highly customizable material for fencing.
ranch fence style
Often the most economical style, Ranch style fences add a decorative pop to your space.
vertical rails fence style
Vertical Board
Wooden vertical fences are popular and can be built with countless custom variations.
Horizontal Board
Trendy and contemporary, horizontal wooden fences are increasing in popularity.
Your local installers can help you understand costs, considerations, and tradeoffs. We recommend using our bidding system to get competing bids from local installers.
Who We Are
We believe that residential construction in general and fencing in particular is unnecessarily stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Our mission is to help property owners find honest and reliable contractors for projects ranging from fencing and decking to custom home construction. We identify promising contractors by evaluating licensing, insurance, and permitting data as well as customer reviews. Then we vet them, introduce them to homeowners, and track their progress to ensure high standards.