The Best Fence Installers in Boston, Massachusetts

North America expects one of the biggest projected market growth for its fencing industry, prompting many regions in the country to equally anticipate the incoming surge of service and product demands, especially from the residential sector. As an answer to the needs of this emerging market, fencing manufacturers, suppliers, and fencing installation professionals from every region have risen to the occasion, to serve a wide range of sectors, including commercial, industrial markets.

Many of the most established fencing companies in the US can be found across Massachusetts. The list below features the best fence installers in Boston. These companies were qualified based on their years of experience in fence installation, maintenance, and repair. The article also looked at the firm’s number of projects, quality of work by looking at the reviews and testimonials from their clients, their memberships, and industry affiliations, as well as the awards and the press publications that they secured in the past.

A.B.S. Fence Wooden Fence

A.B.S. Fence

Since its establishment, A.B.S. Fence has contributed to Cape Cod and the South Shore’s needs for reliable professionals that specialize in residential and commercial fencing installation. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the firm maintains its A-plus accreditation through quality work and client-focused business practices.

The firm’s gallery showcases properties secured and upgraded by modern fencing structures. These fences range in styles and grades, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link fences. Aside from its fence and gate systems, the firm is also a source of other specialty products, including arbors, lamp posts, mailboxes, and shower enclosures. 

As a family-owned business that has been in operations for over 50 years, the firm has already established lifelong relationships with the region’s leading fencing suppliers. For instance, its fencing materials and other outbuilding products come from the country’s most reliable manufacturers, including Master Halco. Similar partnerships help the firm to consistently provide quality, enduring, and functional fences and outdoor structures to its clients.

Armstrong Fence & Landscaping, Inc. Wooden Fence

Armstrong Fence & Landscaping, Inc.

Established in 1984, Armstrong Fence & Landscaping, Inc. shapes the region’s fencing industry through innovation, product knowledge, and consistently high-caliber business practices.  David Armstrong, the firm’s president and founder, has over 30 years of experience as a fencing professional. Armstrong established the business as an answer to the rising need for high-quality fencing solutions and personalized customer services across the South Shore. 

To make sure that the company’s fencing installation skills and product expertise stay relevant, the firm’s crew attends regular training and updates provided by the industry’s biggest organizations. As a member of the American Fence Association (AFA), the company gets access to resources and industry knowledge that help it address the ever-evolving demands of fencing projects in the commercial and residential sectors.

The company completes projects in fencing installation. Additionally, it provides other products and services for exterior landscaping. Its cedar, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fencing projects can be found in its portfolio.

AVO Fence & Supply, Inc. Wooden Fence

AVO Fence & Supply, Inc.

Avo Fence & Supply Inc. is one of the largest fencing companies in the region. For over four decades, it has served homeowners, commercial establishments, and project contractors, through products and solutions known for endurance, quality, and competitive prices. 

Through its three main locations in South Shore, Cape Cod, and Stoughton, the company has completed a rich portfolio of gates, mailboxes, lamp posts, yard fences, outdoor shower stalls, pool fencing, as well as pergolas and arbors. While the firm is known for these services and products, it also owns one of the largest inventory of cedar wood fencing, not just in the area but throughout the Northeast. Additionally, the firm is one of the biggest distributors of Massachusetts’s leading vinyl fence products.

Mike Palmer, the firm’s owner, heads its everyday operations. Under his leadership, the firm has maintained its A-plus BBB rating and continues to gather stellar reviews and positive feedback from customers from a wide range of sectors. As part of its inclusive services, the firm is able to accommodate Spanish-speaking clients across its area coverage.

Bennett Fence & Arbor, Inc. Wooden Fence

Bennett Fence & Arbor, Inc.

Whether it’s about adding aesthetic accents to properties or increasing security and safety measures for a family backyard and pool area, Bennett Fence & Arbor has proven its experience as a reliable professional, not only in fence installation and repair, but also for other outdoor and outbuilding construction projects. Arbors, pergolas, posts, and shower enclosure installations can be found in the company’s growing residential portfolio.

Owners Philip and Nicole Bennett founded the company over 15 years ago. Since its establishment, the firm has completed fence installation projects across Cape Cod and the Islands. Phil has been in the industry for over four decades. When he founded the company, he brought with him not only the proven and timeless methods of fencing but also the innovative solutions of modern practices.

This comprehensive knowledge of the industry has helped the firm deliver enduring and high-quality fencing and outdoor projects. To maintain its consistent quality of work and material performance, the firm also relies on the biggest fencing suppliers in the country, including leading manufacturer Master Halco.

Brockton Fence, Co. Wooden Fence

Brockton Fence, Co.

As one of the oldest and most established fencing companies in the region, Brockton Fence, Co. has a lot to offer in terms of fence installation, repair, and quality fence materials. For over 50 years, the company has been supported by a team of professionals that can cater to the challenges of residential and commercial markets. 

The comprehensive knowledge of the firm’s team of installers allows it to offer informed and client-focused services. The firm offers an on-site estimate to give owners a clear understanding of the level of work and materials needed for the build. The firm is also confident with the quality of its work and encourages project owner feedback and quality checks before finalizing every project.

The company’s competitively priced fencing services made it a preferred professional for Brockton’s and the surrounding cities’ project owners. Currently, the firm offers a wide selection of fence materials. These include chain link fences and wood fences. For its vinyl fences and ornamental fences, the company provides a lifetime material warranty and related post-installation support.

Canton Fence Co. Inc. Wooden Fence

Canton Fence Co. Inc.

For more than four decades, New England residential and business owners have relied on Canton Fence Co.’s comprehensive list services. The firm provides solutions that do not only add value to a client’s property but also ensure privacy and security to building and nonbuilding locations. The initial part of the firm’s services starts with a free consultation. 

As a one-stop-shop for fencing materials and services, the firm specializes in the design and production of fencing materials. This allows the company to offer customization and unlimited design styles for pickets, lattice, posts, rails, and fences. The firm’s specialty woodworking ornamental styles for its outbuilding structures such as arbors, pergolas, light posts, mailboxes, and trellises, are some of its most in-demand selections. As a fence installer and product provider, it houses fence materials that come in different materials: cedar, vinyl, and aluminum are some of its primary options. 

Richard Schiffer heads the company’s everyday operations. Schiffer purchased the company from his father in 2001. Since then, Richard has been running the firm with his son, Ryan.

Cape Cod Fence Co.  Steel Fence

Cape Cod Fence Co.

Founded in 1956, Cape Cod Fence Co. is one of the companies in the region that has established a solid client base. Its impressive list of fencing and related services expands across Cape Cod, the Islands, southeastern Massachusetts, and Connecticut. These services operate through the firm’s two locations in Canton, Connecticut, and South Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

The firm offers a wide range of fence materials, such as metal, vinyl, and wood fence, among others. Additionally, the company has the training and experience to provide sales, custom design, and professional installation services for a wide range of property fencing and non-building fencing needs. These include dog and horse fencing solutions, tennis and pool enclosures, garden shed installation and materials, gate systems, and other outbuilding structures and accessories. Most importantly, depending on the local building codes or historic bylaws, the company can customize every project to the client’s specifications.

These customer-centric services haven’t just made the company a go-to professional for fencing and outbuilding needs; its loyal market base also helped it land Cape Cod Times’s 2019 Cape Cod's Best professional recognition.

East Coast Fence Company  Inc. Wooden Fence

East Coast Fence Company Inc.

For years, East Coast Fence Company has been serving three generations of residential and commercial project owners through its comprehensive list of fencing installation and repair, fence removal, and disposal services. Based in Kingston, the company’s reach expands across Plymouth, Duxbury, and other cities in Massachusetts.

There are a number of fencing solutions and materials that project owners can choose from the firm’s large inventory. These include cedar fences, ornamental fences, vinyl fences, aluminum, and chain-link fences. These materials are ideal not only for built properties but also for non-building locations, such as solar farms and fields. Aside from installation and repair, it also provides fence rentals for temporary construction projects.

Under the guidance of Paul Vantangoli, its principal, the firm has established enduring relationships with the industry’s most respected organizations, including the AFA and the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. These affiliations help the company evolve as a professional, through access to relevant training and fencing solutions that answer to the ever-changing demands of the markets that it serves.

Fence Depot  LLC Wooden Fence

Fence Depot LLC

Fence Depot LLC is a locally-owned and operated fencing professional. The firm is based in Rhode Island but also operates in Massachusetts. Licensed and insured, the company is a BBB-accredited professional that has consistently completed highly-commended projects for a long list of residential and commercial clients in both states.

Competitively priced and built-to-order fences dominate the firm’s portfolio. Aluminum fences, cedar fences, and outbuilding structures are included in its long list of products. As a fence installer, the firm makes sure that every material is chosen depending on the functional and aesthetic needs of the project. Its custom aluminum fences, for instance, are built to endure the harshest weather and have been proven to last for generations. Cedar fences, on the other hand, is ideal for residential properties, because of its natural, aesthetic accents that complement every home’s landscaping design.

The firm also provides products and installation services for other outdoor structures, such as arbors, gate systems, custom-built sheds, and accessories. These can be customized to match the design of your backyard or existing outdoor builds.

Fence Tech Steel Fence

Fence Tech

Thousands of commercial and residential fencing projects represent Fence Tech’s contribution to the industry. The company was founded in 1998 and has been family-owned and operated ever since. Headquartered in Rhode Island, the firm has the manpower and resources to serve surrounding regions, as well as parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

Whether it’s for small, affordable projects for public housing properties, or for high-value installation services for million-dollar homes, the company makes sure that every project is delivered in the form of enduring materials and quality workmanship. The firm offers a wide spectrum of fence selections, including wood, cedar, custom wood fence, PVC vinyl, colored PVC, aluminum, and chain-link fences. Aside from new construction and building fencing, the firm also installs guard rails, ranch rails, electronic gates, arbor and pergolas, pool enclosures, and dumpster enclosures.

The firm’s satisfactory services have not only secured its BBB A-plus rating but it also built a solid client base. To date, almost 100 percent of its business comes from referrals and repeat customers.

Hawkeye Fence LLC Wooden Fence

Hawkeye Fence LLC

As a fence installation firm, Hawkeye Fence LLC has a dedicated crew that focuses on professional installations alone. This team is exclusively trained to answer to the modern commercial and residential demands for competitive fencing solutions. For clients to understand the advantages and potential aesthetic value of fencing to their properties, the company has also set aside a showroom that is open six days a week.

The firm’s portfolio showcases different types of fences, from durable to attractive fencing structures designed and installed to not only ensure security and privacy but are also meant to upgrade the value of the property. Many of its available fencing products and related materials include wood, chain link, vinyl,  guardrail, ornamental fences, dumpster enclosures.

The company was established in 1991 and since then, it has been collaborating with general contractors, handyman, and DIY project owners to complete custom fence installations, custom gates, and welding services, among others. As a part of its special offers, it provides free estimates to new and repeat clients.

Highland Fence Co. Wooden Fence

Highland Fence Co.

Residential and commercial project owners rely on Highland Fence Co.’s over 30 years of experience as a fencing specialist. The family-owned and operated company is a member of the AFA and is insured and licensed to operate in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This wide service coverage helped it accumulate an extensive portfolio of wood, PVC, aluminum, and chain-link fences.

The firm understands that the fencing needs can vary depending on the purpose and project location. For this reason, the company carefully trains its team to anticipate challenges and identify the best fencing material and installation methods that would best suit the project’s functional and design context. This attention to detail is demonstrated by how the company handles its commercial projects.

For its residential works, the firm looks at the role of a good fence in ensuring privacy and safety for the family and also adding decorative accents to residential properties. Regardless of size, value, or style, the firm’s design team provides a range of options that beautifully fit the surrounding landscape

Ideal Fence Wooden Fence

Ideal Fence

Ideal Fence is a Watertown-based company that completes fence and storage-shed projects. Its office facilities include a warehouse of fence and outbuilding supplies as well as a showroom that exhibits the firm’s capabilities in installation, design, and its selections of quality fencing material. Its rich inventories allow it to answer to the most in-demand and pressing needs of the region’s residential and commercial fencing.

With its extensive portfolio and availability of products and materials, it’s a surprise that the company is actually a small firm—but it doesn’t mean that it can’t compete against larger installers. In order to maintain the quality of services that the firm offers, it decided to keep the firm small yet efficient enough to take on large projects. This decision was made to stay true to its founders’ vision of offering “personal attention, thoroughness, professionalism, and fair pricing” for every project that it takes on.

Mark and Eddie Nilan head the firm’s everyday operations. Since its establishment in 1983, it has served Belmont, Arlington, Allston, Cambridge, Newton Waltham, Wellesley, Watertown, Weston, and nearby areas.

InLine Fence Co. Wooden Fence

InLine Fence Co.

Family owned and operated, InLine Fence Co. has been in the industry for over 50 years and is now on its fourth generation of Bump family leadership. The firm works as a premier fence installer that focuses on residential and commercial projects. It operates from two offices: Bridgewater and Taunton. These strategic locations allow the company to reach a wider client pool across southeastern Massachusetts.

The firm provides services and products for all types of fencing. Some of its most common materials include chain link, PVC, wood, and aluminum, among others. Aside from fencing installation, the company furnishes and customizes fence designs to fit the structural and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Because of the company’s quality services and reliance on the best fencing systems in the market, it has gained the trust and commendations of its clients. Its testimonials highlight the firm’s commitment to completing projects despite the challenges posed by unique locations, unfavorable weather conditions, and varying design needs.

Miller Fence Co.  Inc. Steel Fence

Miller Fence Co. Inc.

Miller Fence Co. is one of the region’s most established fencing installation and repair enterprise. The firm has been in the business for over five decades. Since its establishment, the company has provided fencing products, railings, arbors, and pergolas, as well as mailbox and lamp posts supplies to hundreds of homeowners. It has also installed, repaired, and maintained similar structures for the same client base.

As a member of the AFA, the firm is supported by a team of professionals that have been in the industry for years. Through experience and consistent training, its crew is capable of anticipating problems and providing solutions to the unique challenges of every project. These experts also lead the firm’s estimation services, an initial stage of planning where clients can contribute their ideas. For this service, the company is available to conduct evening and even weekend estimates all year round.

The firm also provides financing options to its clients. Through this, clients can enjoy zero-interest financing for 12 months. A member of the BBB and consistently achieving an A-plus rating, the firm is one of the most trusted companies that cater to the business and residential markets.

New England Woodworkers  LLC Wooden Fence

New England Woodworkers LLC

New England Woodworker has been in the business for over 20 years. Its services can reach as far as Cape Cod and South Shore. Since its inception, the firm has catered to the fencing and outbuilding products and installation needs of homeowners, landscape designers, general contractors, and new home builders. 

Custom made fences are the highlight of the company’s portfolio. Its unique designs are recognized not just by new and repeat clients but also by the industry’s biggest organizations. It’s no surprise that the firm’s wood products secured its win for the “Best of Boston Home Show” twice.

Aside from its main office, the company has its own manufacturing site. It allows the firm to handcraft its wood products in-house, with the help of its team of craftsmen who are veterans in the fencing industry. Aside from its custom fence designs, it has a wide selection of other fence products, including vinyl fences, lattice fences, picket fences, privacy fences. Gates, arbors and pergolas, posts, and decks are also found in its extensive catalog.

Premier Fence  LLC Wooden Fence

Premier Fence LLC

Through John J. Feerick’s innovative leadership, Premier Fence successfully established its grounds as a comprehensive service provider that caters to the residential and commercial sectors of Massachusetts. Many of its most notable works can be found across Boston, Dedham, and Canton. It also expands its operations to serve some parts of Rhode Island

The firm’s completed works include installation and repair services of a wide spectrum of fencing materials, such as cedar, chain link, wood, PVC, vinyl, and ornamental fences. While the firm offers industry-standard fencing designs and solutions, it is capable of customizing and personalizing fence designs based on the functional and location requirements of every project. Additionally, the firm does not only build and install fences, but it also has a rich inventory to supply fencing products for contractors and DIY project owners.

The firm’s 20-year run as a fencing professional has helped it expand its service offerings beyond fences. The company provides products and services for outdoor living, with its grills, furniture, pergolas, arbors, and trellis selections. The team is also able to complete gate systems upgrades for high-value commercial and residential buildings, thanks to its years of automated gate systems installation experience.

Reliable Fence Co. of Southeastern MA Wooden Fence

Reliable Fence Co. of Southeastern MA

Reliable Fence Co. of Southeastern MA continuously advances its edge as a leading fencing installer in the region. As a member of the AFA, the firm has access to the industry’s latest training, technology, products, and business practices. These characteristics make the company an ideal partner for both small- and large-scale projects. Through it's 50 plus years of operations, it has collaborated with general contractors, business owners, and homeowners to complete fencing projects that range in style, materials, and installation methods.

The company is a full-service worker-owned and operated firm specializing in installation. These services cover Cape Cod and the entire southeastern region of Massachusetts.

Whether it’s for increasing security for mid to high-value companies, safeguarding building and non-building properties, or acquiring an enduring and affordable fence structure for residential buildings, the firm delivers high-quality professional service and is known for its customer-centric methods and use of premier fencing materials.

Riverside Services Wooden Fence

Riverside Services

Riverside Services offers a comprehensive list of services that covers a wide spectrum of residential and commercial construction and installation services. Masonry, lighting, irrigation, landscaping maintenance and design, construction, and snow service projects make up a large percentage of its portfolio.

While the company’s primary works revolve around transforming homes through outstanding landscaping design and maintenance, the firm is also a leading fencing installer in the region. For years, it has delivered commercial and residential fencing services across the Greater Boston area. One of the highlights of the firm’s fencing solutions is its option of designer fences, which do not only provide privacy and security to properties but also add value and style to homes and commercial buildings.

As a multi-affiliated company, Riverside Services has evolved to answer to the modern demands of fencing and landscaping. Its regular training and access to the latest products and industry practices can be attributed to its enduring relationships with the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, the Massachusetts Arborists Association, and the National Association of Landscape professionals, among others.

South East Fence Co. Steel Fence

South East Fence Co.

South East Fence Co. has one of the largest on-site locations showcasing the firm’s impressive selections of different fence types and styles.  The company was established in 1986, and since then has been designing, delivering, and installing custom fences across the residential and commercial properties in Lakeville and surrounding areas. The firm offers more than 40 fencing styles, including vinyl, ornamental, cedar, chain link, and more. 

The company prioritizes improving and staying relevant by focusing on upgrades and staying tuned to the latest updates, technologies, products, and emerging trends in the fence installation industry. Its membership with the AFA helps it achieve its goal for growth.

The firm also fabricates many of its fence products and installation parts.  It stands behind the quality of its work by provides a warranty on every fence product that it offers. Aside from fence supplies, it also provides other products, such as dog kennels, pergolas, arbors, wedding arbors, mailbox, and lanterns.

Spaulding Fence & Supply Co. Inc. Steel Fence

Spaulding Fence & Supply Co. Inc.

In the industry for over 40 years, Spaulding Fence & Supply Co. Inc. has established a solid ground in the region’s residential market. Its principal, Ronald Porcaro, leads the firm’s team of installers and craftsmen to take on small to large projects.

The firm holds a large inventory of outdoors and landscaping products and related accessories. Its extensive selections of fencing supplies include aluminum fences, cedar fences, chain link fences, steel ornamental fences, as well as PVC fences. Aside from its fencing materials, customers can also avail of the company’s long list of products and services for other outdoor structures. These include decks and railings, and wall stones, and Cambridge pavers.

Since it fabricates its own materials, the company has the capacity and experience to offer custom fences and provide the most fitting installation method for any type of project, regardless of terrain and landscape specification. Its focus on client satisfaction through on-point and industry-standard materials has helped it gain impressive testimonials from its past clients. These reviews highlight the firm’s focus on quality, attention to detail, and thoughtful customer services.

Statewide Fence Builders  Inc. Wooden Fence

Statewide Fence Builders Inc.

With a wide range of fencing styles and quality grades, Statewide Fence Builders Inc. offers a comprehensive list of fencing solutions catering to the safety, privacy, demarcation, and aesthetic needs of the residential and commercial sectors. The family-owned and operated firm joined the industry almost four decades ago. Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, its continuous growth allowed it to expand to serve Southeast Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Aside from being a member of the AFA, the company is an active affiliated of the local Chamber of Commerce. Its consistently commended quality customer services also secured its BBB A-plus accreditation. Its stability as a fencing provider is reflected in how it stands behind the quality of its work. The company offers guarantees and warranties that ensure customers of the quality and longevity of the firm’s fencing products and installation services. Additionally, clients can avail of its 18-month no-interest financing option, 

in-home consultations and free estimates.

From planning, shopping, selection, to actual fence installation, the company’s team of fencing professionals and sales experts stay with the client in every stage of the project. Aside from its fencing products, the company also sells and installs gates systems and electric operators.

Steelco Chain Link Fence Erecting Co. Steel Fence

Steelco Chain Link Fence Erecting Co.

Steelco Chain Link Fence Erecting C. was established in 1979. The firm is a full-service fence company that covers small, mid-range, and large-scale commercial, industrial, and municipal fence and guardrail installations projects. As one of the biggest companies in the region, its area scope extends from Boston to Worcester and surrounding cities. 

As a fencing expert, the firm has been Installing fences for building as well as for non-building properties. Many of its most notable fencing projects can be found across the region’s public, private, and professional athletic fields. The company’s backstops, ball field fences, tennis court fences, can be found in its extensive portfolio for the sports market.

Additionally, the company has an Architects Page that allows clients to have access to information and industry-standard specifications that concern fence and guardrail projects. Some of its fencing products for multifamily residential structures and commercial establishments include ornamental fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, solid panel screening fences, and security fences, among others.

Tony's Fence Co. Wooden Fence

Tony's Fence Co.

Tony’s Fence Co. has been in business since 1985. The firm is co-owned by three principals: Antoni and Irena Kruczynski, and Piotr Kierczak. Together, they lead a team of installers, woodworkers, and welders. The same crew also helps run the firm’s own modern manufacturing facility. With this location and manpower, the company is able to craft its own fencing and outbuilding products in-house.

The firm has been collaborating with contractors to complete new construction projects for years. It has also helped project owners upgrade and transform their outdoor spaces through fence products that are designed and installed to elevate the looks and improve the privacy of residential outdoor spaces. These products include lattice fences, metal fences, picket fences, as well as pergolas and gates. Aside from the material and labor warranties that it provides, the company also offers a free site visit and a product and services estimation.

The company is also known for building and installing state-of-the-art and virtually maintenance-free PVC vinyl fences. These fences come in standard sizes and configurations but because the company has its own fabrication facility, it can also offer custom designs.

VJE Corporation/ Eagle Fence Co. of Falmouth Steel Fence

VJE Corporation/ Eagle Fence Co. of Falmouth

Established in 1981, Eagle Fence Co. of Falmouth offers fencing and outdoor solutions to the region’s commercial and residential property owners. The firm is known for its competitively priced custom products that are designed to upgrade yards into aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces and ensure protection through enduring fencing installations that can withstand the weather and the test of time.

Victor Enright heads the firm’s six-days-a-week of business operations. Enright oversees every step of the process. His company has the resources and manpower to custom fabricate fences, to fit the design and functional needs of the project, and adhere to the clients’ strict specifications. Some of the firm’s fencing products include cedar, chain link, vinyl, ornamental iron fences.

The firm’s outbuilding products include a selection of custom storage sheds, gazebos, mailbox posts, light posts, flagpoles, pet enclosures. Aside from the installation solutions and services, the company can also guide DIY project owners through product review and installation suggestions.

Colonial Fence Co.  Inc. Wire Fence

Colonial Fence Co. Inc.

32 Pine St., Norfolk, MA. 02056

Colonial Fence Co.  Inc. sells and installs fences as well as other outdoor structures for residential and commercial properties. Its extensive product inventories include fencing materials such as wood, vinyl, cellular vinyl, aluminum, chain link. Clients and DIY project owners can also access its website to purchase a wide range of options for outbuildings and outdoor structures, including cupolas, birdhouses and feeders, mailboxes and mail posts, weathervanes, lantern posts, and outdoor lights. 

As a fencing contractor and service provider, the company offers free in-home consultation to almost 20 locations across Massachusetts. This impressive service reach can be attributed to its over four decades of experience in the industry, with a history that goes back to 1947 in Millis, its first home. Under the leadership of principal Kenneth Brown, the family-owned and operated firm steadily evolved to accommodate its own manufacturing facility for wood and vinyl fences.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and recognized for its stellar customer service and ideal business practices, the company remains committed to putting the needs of its clients first. Its wide selection of fence types and designs provides a highly customizable project for homeowners who want to increase the value of their homes and enhance the appeal of their properties. The firm has designated teams that guide project owners through the rest of the process, from product selection to installation and post-installation care.

Precision Fence Contractors  Inc. Wooden Fence

Precision Fence Contractors Inc.

41 Mcdonald St., Dedham, MA 02026

Serving Boston and the rest of the Greater Boston Area, Precision Fence Contractors Inc. provides a wide variety of fencing products for residential, industrial and commercial building, and non-building properties. From small-scale works such as installing fences for residential communities or private backyards to large and challenging works like the installation of slide gates for a large manufacturing plant, the firm’s professionals are licensed and trained to take on any work, regardless of size and complexity.

From its product inventories is a wide selection of fence types, that include PVC, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, iron, and steel. One of the highlights of its fence selections is its wood fences.  All the company’s wood products are produced using Northern White cedar, a type of wood that has been used for hundreds of years because of its endurance and low moisture content. On the other hand, its wood picket and lattice-style fences are manufactured using Western Red Cedar, a type of fence known for its resistance to decay and insect attack.

The company was established in 1998 and its mission remains the same: provide competitively priced services, high-quality products, and focus on the needs of the clients, regardless of the project’s size or value. True to this commitment, it offers its diverse skills and capabilities to address the modern needs of functional, enduring, and stylish fencing and outdoor structures for the region’s most sophisticated project owners.


Stafford Fence Company Inc.

Serving all of Massachusetts, Stafford Fence Company is one of the leading full-service fencing and gate installation companies in the region that offers a complete range of products and installation services to the industrial, commercial, and residential markets. From its fencing inventory, it provides chain link fences, aluminum fences, as well as wood, vinyl, glass pool fences and ornamental iron fences. The firm also specializes in custom services as it has the capability to design fences for a specific style and functional preferences. A large part of their business is their gate operator installation and service, where they have technicians, certified IDEA Automatic Gate System Designers, and Certified Gate Operator Installers.

Insured, licensed, and bonded, the firm is supported by seasoned professionals that have been with the firm since its inception over 10 years ago. As a testament to its commitment to client satisfaction and commendable business practices, the firm is a certified A-plus member of the BBB. Reviews from its past clients also commend the company for its consistent record of delivering on-time and on-budget projects.

Regardless of the project’s size or value, the firm has the experience and manpower to complete small-scale works like a small dog enclosure, or huge builds such as the installation of security fences around acres of a building or non-building properties. Additionally, its membership with the AFA helps it keep it updated about the latest trends, products, and fencing solutions in the industry.

Pro Fence Co.  Inc. Wire Fence

Pro Fence Co. Inc.

133 Upper County Rd., S Dennis, MA 02660

Pro Fence Company may be a small company but it is one of the most productive and established firms in the region. It first opened its doors almost four decades ago and since then, it has offered general contracting services as well as produced a long list of projects in residential, industrial, and commercial fencing. 

Serving from its locations in Cape Cod and Wilmington offices, the company is led by Joseph Mclaughlin as its president. Under his leadership, the firm is able to take on small-scale, mid-range, and complex projects for the fencing trade. Over the years, the company has provided fences that not only increase the value of properties but also ensure safety, privacy, and security for building and non-building locations.

As a full-service firm, it has the capability to manufacture as well as install all types of fences. These include tennis court enclosures, post and rails, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and iron fences, wood and cedar fences, vinyl fences. It also provides products and installations for outdoor structures, such as mailboxes, lantern posts, pergolas, arbors, and outdoor showers, among others.

Fallon Fence  Inc. Wooden Fence

Fallon Fence Inc.

110 Zeno Crocker Rd., Centerville, MA 02632

As an independent fencing contractor, Fallon Fence Inc. is a one-stop shop for all aspects of fencing and gate system services: consultation, materials, installation, maintenance, and professional warranties for its gates and fencing solutions. The company has been serving the entire Cape Cod, from Provincetown to Buzzards Bay, for over 25 years.

The firm understands that having a good fence is more than just building a structure for demarcation and separating one’s property from their neighbor. It’s all about finding the right fence that answers to the needs for privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal—factors that easily appraise the value of any residential and commercial property. Most importantly, the firm guarantees the quality of its workmanship and offers a one year warranty for fences damaged by hurricane-force winds.

Wood fences, ornamental iron fences,  vinyl-coated or galvanized chain link, and lattice fences all come in different colors, dominating the firm’s portfolio. Arbors, pool enclosures, pergolas, kennels, and gate systems are also part of the company’s inventory. These materials are shaped according to the home’s layout so that the structure perfectly blends in with the existing architectural theme of a home or a business property.