The Best Fence Installers in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fence work is a niche topic in both the commercial and residential markets. As a result, finding the best fit for your home or new building can be a difficult task. This list contains 11 of the best fence installers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The firms described are some of the area’s best, and are all leading firms with the privilege of carrying some of the industry’s best products, brands, and materials. They were chosen after reviewing their work, the service area they cover, their professional backgrounds, and awards won.

Creekside Fence and Deck Vinyl Fence

Creekside Fence and Deck

610 Winona St., La Crosse, WI 54603

Creekside Fence and Deck services La Crosse and surrounding areas within a 40-mile radius. It specializes in vinyl, chain link, and aluminum fencing, and offers a variety of warranties, depending on a client’s chosen material. It has worked on a variety of designs and is capable of working on highly customized fences. The firm works seasonally, depending on when the ground thaws, freezes, and snows. Because of this, it typically works from March all the way through November. Creekside does not operate from a physical location but brings physical displays to potential customers whenever necessary. 

The firm typically takes only a couple of days to set up a fence. During its first day, the team sets up posts. After around two days, depending on the weather, the team comes back for additional work after the cement has set in.

Croix Area Fence Chain-Link Fence

Croix Area Fence

951 Leroy Ct., River Falls, WI 54022

Croix Area Fence offers fair and competitive prices and is noted for its excellent craftsmanship and use of top-of-the-line materials. It provides clients with five-year warranties for all of its projects. Further, the firm primarily specializes in vinyl, chain link, and custom cedar fences. It has also worked on several ornamental aluminum projects. Croix Area’s fences made of iron are noted to be maintenance-free and durable, able to withstand the elements. Its woodwork, on the other hand, is sturdy and comes in a variety of designs. The firm takes on both commercial and residential projects and is locally owned. 

Given that it is a small firm, each project that it takes on receives its team’s utmost attention. The firm is led by Tony Miller, a River Falls native who has an excellent command of the Western Wisconsin landscape. He ensures that each of the firm’s projects receives the benefit of his experience and personally oversees them.

Dakota Fence Company Wire Fence

Dakota Fence Company

2464 118th St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Established in 1972, Dakota Fence Company specializes in both commercial and residential fence work. It is manned by a team of talented and experienced craftsmen. The team has secured the firm’s solid reputation as a company that completes all of its projects on schedule and within budget. It offers potential clients free estimates and services the entirety of North Dakota. The firm operates out of its offices in Fargo, Minot, Bismarck, and Williston, and services parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming. Dakota Fence Company also offers a full range of fence products and services and has partnerships with brands like Master Halco, Bufftech, and Trex. 

The firm has also worked on several oil field fences, guardrails, and gate projects. The featured project above is an example of one of its chain-link fences. These often come in either in galvanized or vinyl materials.

Dakota Unlimited Wooden Fence

Dakota Unlimited

15953 Biscayne Ave., Rosemount, MN 55068

Dakota Unlimited is a full-service firm offering a variety of high-quality wood fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and wrought iron railings. It extends its services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. The firm maintains affiliations with organizations like the American Fence Association and offers its clients over three decades of industry experience. The firm’s team also assists with handling permits and arranges for surveys whenever necessary. It is noted for its innovative designs and is known for its use of high-quality materials.

From custom wood fences to cedar fencing, Dakota Unlimited is capable of handling a variety of work. It has also taken on several specialty works and is noted for its excellent designs and latticework.

Eau Claire Fence Corporation Wooden Fence

Eau Claire Fence Corporation

2464 118th St., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Serving Chippewa Falls, North West, South West, Western Wisconsin, and Eastern Minnesota, Eau Claire Fence specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial fence construction. It offers its potential clients free estimates and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. The firm offers its clients nearly three decades of industry experience and is noted for its large and wide selection of fences. From chain link to barbed wire, Eau Claire offers an extensive selection of high-quality materials. It honors manufacturer warranties in addition to its own ones, ensuring that clients may keep in touch whenever problems with their new fences may arise. 

The firm is comprised of a team of talented and experienced professionals, who maintain a very hands-on approach throughout the entire process. Together, they keep all of their projects entirely in-house.

Hansen Bros Fence Chain-Link Fence

Hansen Bros Fence

319 Ulysses St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Now on its sixth generation of builders and installers, Hansen Bros is comprised of a team of highly skilled fencing professionals. All of them are well-trained and make use of the best products. The firm services both the Twin Cities and also offers emergency repairs. Since its establishment, it has installed and sold more than a hundred various fences and has continued and strived to offer more exceptional services. It tailors its process to a specific client and takes into consideration both their needs and budget. That said, the firm is noted for its budget-friendly projects and accurate estimates. 

The firm primarily offers ornamental iron fences, wood and vinyl fences, and chain-link fences. It also offers temporary fencing, for clients hosting a sporting event or concert. The firm is also capable of installing an automatic gate system.

Keller Fence Company Wire Fence

Keller Fence Company

505 Randolph Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55102

Founded by Mike and Jim Keller in 1988, Keller Fence Company offers excellent security expertise and high-quality customer services. It takes pride in its long list of repeat clients and specializes not only in fencing, but also gate and repair projects. It has its own in-house estimating and production departments, which makes it equipped to handle and solve any problem that may arise throughout the entire process. Nestled somewhere in between the Twin Cities, this convenient location allows it to respond quickly to all of its projects in a timely manner. The firm has also secured relationships with some of the area’s best insurance and banking partners, ensuring that its projects come with competitive prices. 

The firm is certified and is affiliated with a variety of organizations such as the Minnesota Recreation and Park Association. It works closely with its clients throughout the entire process and also works with a variety of other interior and exterior needs.

Northland Fence Chain-Link Fence

Northland Fence

7703 Main St. NE, Fridley, MN 55432

Established in 2004, Northland Fence is regarded as one of Minnesota’s leading fencing companies. It is manned by a group of nearly 40 employees and is a family-owned business. The firm’s team makes use of innovative techniques and is personally led by its founder. Northland is known for its products and services suited for the Minnesota weather, which is noted for its durability and strength. The firm typically strays away from traditional cedar fences and opts for vinyl. Vinyl is able to capture the traditional cedar look but has the ability to last longer a decade later. In line with this, the firm also makes use of steel rather than aluminum due to its durability, perfect for Minnesotan weather.

All of the firm’s projects come with warranties. Additionally, it provides several special offers and installs fences all year round. The firm utilizes the Rhino Post Pounder, which enables quick and clean installation.

Security Fence & Construction Vinyl Fence

Security Fence & Construction

1719 Madison St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Security Fence & Construction has been serving the Twin Cities since 1972, and specializes in both residential and commercial fencing needs. It is manned by a team with over a century of experience. The firm’s process emphasizes the importance of taking into consideration pricing, as well as design. Because of this, it is known for both affordable and stylish solutions. The firm provides free estimating services and maintains affiliations with organizations like the American Fence Association. From guard rails and chain-link fences to ornamental and kennel fencing, the firm’s long list of products showcases a variety of materials to choose from. 

The firm is also known for its superb customer services. It also provides unique services such as waterproofing solutions and split rail fencing work.

Town & Country Fence Steel Fence

Town & Country Fence

8511 Xylon Ave., N Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Founded in 1983, Town & Country Fence has established itself as one of the area’s top choices for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing projects. It is a family-owned firm, servicing the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. The firm makes use of high-quality and affordable materials and is also known for its excellent customer services. Additionally, Town & Country takes pride in having one of the largest selection of fencing materials available in Minneapolis and St. Paul. It offers competitive prices and often gets volume discounts from suppliers—ideal for clients looking to save for their next project. Town & Country also provides various specials, depending on the season, and free estimates for hopeful clients. 

The firm’s portfolio showcases an extensive use of wood, vinyl, and aluminum, it has also made use of steel, composite, and chain links. In addition to that, it has also worked on pool, dog, and other specialty fences.

Top Line Fence Iron Fence

Top Line Fence

12700 Fernbrook Lane N, Dayton, MN 55327

Operating out of its head office in Dayton, Top Line Fence services the entire Minneapolis metro area and the surrounding cities. It has been in business since 1991 and specializes in both commercial and residential projects. From wood to chain link, the firm is capable of handling all types of fencing regardless of difficulty. The firm was founded by Dan Buranen, who began his career as a subcontractor for fencing companies before taking on projects for his own clients and eventually, starting the firm. Under his leadership, the firm has grown into becoming one of the most recognizable fencing companies in the Twin Cities. He makes use of a highly hands-on approach, ensuring that each project that the firm takes on receives the benefit of his experience. 

That said, he oversees each project from start to finish and also offers potential clients with free estimates. He and his team work in over ten acres of property perfect for storing fence materials.

Twin Cities Fence Vinyl Fence

Twin Cities Fence

911 267th Ave Nw, Isanti, MN 55040

Unlike most firms on this list, Twin Cities Fence works year-round and provides a unique 24-hour  emergency repair service to both home and business owners. Additionally, it offers free estimates and quotations and works with a variety of materials. Its portfolio showcases a variety of fences made of popular materials such as vinyl and cedar to steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. The firm has also worked on several gate installations, privacy fences, bumper guards, and guardrails. Its team is involved throughout the entire process from start to finish.

The firm’s services also include maintenance and repair, should any damages arise to a fence due to weather changes. The firm’s projects are often noted for its durability, excellent designs, and use of high-quality coating.

Midwest Fence Iron Fence

Midwest Fence

525 E Villaume Ave., S St. Paul, MN 55075

Regarded as one of the oldest and largest fencing contractors in the Twin Cities, Midwest Fence is manned by a group of factory-trained crews and makes use of only the best materials and methods. It draws experience from over seven decades of working around the ins and outs of the industry. It offers its clients with one of the largest selection of fencing materials in the area, which clients may sift through via the firm’s very own showroom. Interested clients can expect to be assisted by the firm’s friendly and hands-on staff during their visit. 

Midwest specializes and offers all types of fences from chain link and wood to ornamental iron, Trex, and PVC. Its work adds value and curb appeal to each of its clients’ properties. The project above is an example of one of its ornamental iron fences and best showcases its expertise. These types of projects are made with new manufacturing and protective coatings. They are durable and need little maintenance.

Bemboom's Fence Wooden Fence

Bemboom's Fence

907 15th Ave., SE Saint Cloud, MN 56304

Bemboom's Fence specializes in both commercial and residential projects and provides a comprehensive range of services. These include the most basic to custom materials such as chain link, wood, and the latest in polyvinyl and ornamental fencing. It is a family-owned and operated business that has secured a solid reputation for itself after having been working around the area for the past four decades. Its offices are located in Saint Cloud. The firm consists of a team of talented craftsmen and professionals. Led by its namesake Jim Bemboom, the firm makes use of a highly hands-on approach and is there to guide clients step by step throughout the entire process.

The firm also takes on maintenance and repair projects and provides materials for do-it-yourself endeavors. The project above is an example of its excellent wooden fences.