The Best Fence Installers in Oklahoma City

For the past year, there has been an increase in demand for fences. Many homeowners spend on fences because of the security and aesthetic appeal that it gives their homes. Not only do these fences provide privacy but it also serves as a nice decorative addition to residential properties. Homeowners are replacing their old fences with high-quality ones to increase the property value of their homes.

A 1 Fence Company steel fence

A-1 Fence Company

PO BOX 22, Owasso, OK 74055

Established in 1970, A-1 Fence Company is one of Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma’s most established contractors. The company has provided commercial and residential fences for the past five decades. The firm’s longevity in the industry can be credited to the consistently positive reviews it has received throughout the years. Most of the reviews praise the firm for following up on maintenance even after years have passed. 

Homeowners often opt for wooden fences since they do not need any maintenance for five to ten years. The firm has a variety of wooden fences but it really likes to use white cedar and western red cedar. Whitewood is a locally-sourced material highly resistant to rot and local insect life. Customers love this material for its classic white picket fence look and its durability.

Affordable Fence wooden fence

Affordable Fence

1450 W. Onyx Way, Mustang, OK 73064

For the past 20 years, Affordable Fence has been providing different styles of fencing to Moore, Norman, and Oklahoma City. The firm specializes in installing residential fences but it can service any project size. Whether it’s a simple single-family home or a large estate, expect secure fences that will be installed professionally and on-time. 

Affordable Fence is the only firm that installs Eastern Red Cedar fences in Oklahoma City.  When installing wooden fences the firm uses screws instead of nails; screws last longer. The firm installs these durable fences for both commercial and residential clients. For bigger commercial projects, the firm uses steel posts to reinforce wooden fences.

Apex Fence wooden fence

Apex Fence

​PO Box 720606, Oklahoma City, OK 73172

Family-owned Apex Fence offers an array of fences for the Greater Oklahoma area. Its services cater to residential and commercial properties alike. The firm is capable of handling specialized commercial projects like dumpster enclosures, skid steer, and dirt work.  Fencing is the firm’s specialty but it also offers other outdoor services like pergola installation, solar gates, and electric gate operator systems. 

Privacy and style are the two most important factors of an Apex Fence. It installs fences that can increase a home’s property value by making it secure with fences that also add aesthetic appeal. Before consulting with Apex, the firm advises homeowners to have a clear idea of the boundary line between the project area and its neighbor. Once this is established, the firm can provide a free estimate and offer fences made of wood, iron, ornamental, chain link, and vinyl.

D&G Fence vinyl fence

D&G Fence

Oklahoma City, OK 73101

D&G Fence is the Oklahoma Metro Area’s leading fence installer. It’s a small local firm that has been around for more than 20 years. Homeowners come back for D&G’s services because it only uses high-quality materials offered at affordable prices. The firm’s skilled team provides specialized care and attention to every customer. The team is well aware that fences need to vary for every home which is why it goes the extra mile to install a tailor-made fence. 

For homeowners looking for a beautiful low maintenance fence, the firm recommends vinyl fences: they can be shaped into whatever shape the client prefers. Clients can also have the color of their choice. And colors are added during the vinyl extrusion process so there’s no need for repainting. Vinyl is also resistant to rotting, unlike wood fences.

Deep South Fencing and Specialties wooden fence

Deep South Fencing and Specialties

15608 Walker Rd Shawnee, OK 74801

Headquartered in Shawnee, Deep South Fencing and Specialties is a professional installer that offers fully insured and certified outdoor fence installation services. It has an experienced team fully equipped for home remodeling, residential and commercial fence services, gate operator installation and repair, and custom deck and pergola construction. 

The firm is a popular choice with homeowners because of its extensive landscaping services. Homeowners can have their entire backyard remodeled and fenced by the same firm. It’s a practical and convenient option since there aren’t any subcontractors involved. In its 22 years of service, the firm has encountered all sorts of fence complications brought about by weather conditions and the environment. Determining the optimal fence type is the most crucial part of the process, which is why it’s important to consult with fencing professionals like Deep South.

Fence Masters wooden fence

Fence Masters

7417 N.W. 84th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73132

True to its name, Fence Masters is one of the most experienced fence installers in Oklahoma City: its team has 130 years of combined experience. Owner Tony Melman keeps a close eye on every installation project. He personally oversees the quality of every project so clients can trust that only the best will handle their fence. 

Different kinds of wooden fences are available, but the most popular option is the Western Red Cedar. Made in West Canada, this high-quality wood is resistant to termites, mildew, mold, and rot. For its clients in the commercial sector, Fence Masters offers aluminum and chain-link security fences.

Fence OKC wooden fence

Fence OKC

1236 NW 4th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Veteran Owned Fence OKC is known for stellar customer service. Customers repeatedly praise the firm for its professionalism and attention to detail. The American Fence Association (AFA) has recognized the firm as a member in good standing. Being a member of the AFA means the firm must maintain the integrity of its work and continue researching new developments in its craft, and then it must continuously educate its members about these innovations.

The firm has special offers for residential customers available on its website. For stockade fences that are more than 200 feet in length will receive a free wood frame walk-through gate. Fences above 300 feet can have a free wood frame walk-through gate and a free wood frame double-drive gate. The firm offers cedar fences, ornamental iron, and chain-link fences. It also provides custom work, including horse fencing.

Fence Pro of Oklahoma wooden fence

Fence Pro of Oklahoma

701 West Main St., Yukon, OK 73099

Fence Pro of Oklahoma has a long list of fence types available for residential projects. The company’s team has more than three decades of experience. These experts are skilled in installing quality fences quickly and efficiently. It has specialized fences services like fence staining, cantilever gates, and cap and trim fences. 

These fences are available for residential and commercial projects. The firm uses materials and construction practices with the goal of creating fences that are both aesthetically pleasing and secure. The firm can create custom fences for wood, vinyl, wrought-iron, barbed wire, and chain-linked fences. Many commercial establishments prefer custom made fences from Fence Pro because of its excellent craftsmanship.

Jenks Fence wooden fence

Jenks Fence

625 E A St., Jenks, OK 74037

Childhood friends Rusty Wieland and Mark Roesch established Jenks Fence in 1969. The Tulsa-based firm offers its services to clients in the residential and commercial sectors. Jenks Fence labels itself as a fence innovator that uses modern technologies and products. The firm also constructs seasonal decks and pergolas. 

Before employing Jenks Fence, the team will assess the lot for free. After this, the firm plans the best kind of fence for the style and budget of the client. Clients can choose from wood, vinyl, chain link, wrought iron, or opt for a customized fence. This tried and tested process has kept Jenks Fence in business since 1969, making the firm one of the oldest locally-owned fence installers in Tulsa.

MJ’s Sprinklers and Fences wooden fence

MJ’s Sprinklers and Fences

2600 SW 40, Oklahoma City, OK 73119

MJ’s Sprinklers and Fences is best known as Oklahoma’s largest sprinkler contractor. It has been specializing in sprinkler systems for more than ten years.  Besides its sprinkler services, the firm is also known as a professional fence installer, and the firm uses only the best materials for both services. 

MJ’s is composed of installation experts who will help every customer make the right decision. Like its sprinkler systems, the firm has a wide range of fences available for customers in the residential and commercial sectors. Residential customers can choose from wood, chain link, ornamental iron, or vinyl ranch fences. Its commercial services include everything from simple chain link baseball backstops to large warehouse partitions. The firm has been praised for its well-kept workspaces. The team maintains cleanliness on job sites during installation so minimal cleaning is required upon completion. The team specializes in installing fence and sprinkler systems that naturally blend in with the project site. These fences or sprinklers become a part of the existing landscaping by blending in with the existing natural elements that surround the site.

On the Fence OKC wooden fence

On the Fence OKC

Yukon-based On The Fence OKC focuses on service-oriented fence installations for residential customers in the greater Oklahoma City metro area. The veteran operated firm installs fences that are insured for five years after their installation date.

The process starts with a consultation with a fence specialist from the firm. The firm takes a look at the project site to determine the type of fence suited for the area. After the contract signing, the firm takes a day to prepare the project site: it is marked for underground utilities and old fences are removed. The firm will install the new fence system only when these preparations have been successfully completed. Once the fence is finished, the firm performs another walkthrough of the newly installed fence. 

Outdoor World wooden fence

Outdoor World

10313 Plymouth Ct, Oklahoma City, OK

Outdoor World provides a range of landscaping services, including lawn care, weed control, tree maintenance, and fence installation. The full service outdoor provides repairs, new installations, and total replacement for residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

The landscape contractor is capable of a variety of fence services for residential, industrial, and commercial customers. The firm only uses the highest quality materials, and they are installed by craftsmen who are skilled in different landscape services. Wood stockade fences are the firm’s specialty for commercial and residential projects. These fences are more secure than the traditional picket fence because of the tightly spaced wood boards. The firm also offers chain link, wrought iron, and horizontal board fences. 

Premier Fence and Gates steel fence

Premier Fence and Gates

3105 Glenn Dr, Edmond, OK 73034

Husband-and-wife Warner and Kara Bass started Premier Fence and Gates to provide secure landscaping services. For the past 13 years, the firm’s been providing installation services for homeowners in Edmond. Because the firm is a family-run business, it understands how crucial the process is for every residential customer. The customer-oriented firm has an end-to-end project management process. This means that the firm will work closely with its clients during material selection down to its maintenance.
The firm offers wood, chain link, and iron fences for its residential customers. All of these options are available in various designs and measurements. An ornamental iron fence is a popular option for commercial and residential customers. It has a versatile look that can be great for backyards, front lawns, or even open commercial spaces.

Proscape Outdoor Constructio vinyl fence

Proscape Outdoor Construction

Fence installation company Proscape Outdoor Construction is an affordable solution for homeowners looking for a dependable fence installer. The firm specializes in fencing systems that include installation, repair, and custom fence services. The firm also offers patio and deck construction. 

Proscape Outdoor Construction consistently receives great reviews from its customers. Founder Justin Cardwell is often praised for his punctuality and professionalism. A lot of customers come back for the firm’s services and even recommend new customers. It doesn’t hurt that the firm offers a 10% discount for all repeat customers. The firm also offers a variety of discounts for senior citizens and active military personnel and veterans.

R&D Fencing and Sprinkler Systems wooden fence

R&D Fencing and Sprinkler Systems

1011 W. Cypress Duncan OK 73534

R&D Fencing and Sprinkler Systems is the oldest firm on this list. Operating since 1979, the firm is named after founders Ricky and Dinah Mayes. Ricky might have been in the business for more than 40 years but he still personally oversees each project. He prefers showing up on his own rather than sending a team of installers. By getting to know his customers personally the founder has been able to bring a more personalized approach to the construction process. Expect Ricky to be on-site for your installation from start to finish. 

The firm is known for installing fence and sprinkler systems. All of the fence and sprinkler systems it installs are personalized for each customer. Since the founder personally assesses every estimate, the price the firm sets is always a custom bid. It never gives out a standard price because everything is custom-made for every individual customer. Some of the materials available for the custom fences are Cedar, treated picket, r-panel metal, ornamental iron, and rail fences.

Southwest Fence Co wooden fence

Southwest Fence Co.

2625 E Main St, Weatherford, OK 73096

Weatherford’s leading fence provider is family-owned Southwest Fence Co. The professional fence installer services mainly residential and office projects. From simple Cedar wood fences to heavy-duty galvanized steel posts, the firm can service any project size and provide a competitive price. The firm also installs automated gates.

The firm can offer any type of material sourced from a top fence brand, Master Halco. The materials that the Southwest Fence works best with are ornamental rod iron, vinyl, chain link, cedar, and pickets. The firm also highly recommends installing concrete footing under new fences. Adding concrete footing makes a fence more stable and suited for harsh weather conditions. If maintenance or repair is needed, the firm is more than ready to provide it.  

Titan Fence of Oklahoma wooden fence

Titan Fence of Oklahoma

1213 Piedmont Rd. N Suite B, Piedmont, OK 73078

Established by healthcare professionals, Titan Fence of Oklahoma is one of the most professional fence contractors in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Yukon. The firm was built on the principles of one of the most highly regulated industries in the US. Its leadership was trained by the strict standards of the healthcare industry. The result is a firm that has transparent services and a disciplined workforce.

When the firm assesses the site and gives an estimate, it doesn’t pressure its customers to commit to its services right away. The pricing is determined by current material costs, and the customers can negotiate until both parties agree on a cost. Titan Fence will then give a walkthrough of the procedure and set a deadline for the project. The firm boasts that it always finishes on-time and within budget. And the firm makes sure the site is left clean.

Vanhoose Fence picket fence

Vanhoose Fence

PO Box 890787, Oklahoma City, OK 73189

Local professionals Vanhoose Fence works closely with its clients to create quality fences for Oklahoma City residences. The fencing experts have a team of contractors, installers, and repairers. Even though the firm has been around for less than ten years, it already has numerous glowing reviews from its customers.  

Vanhoose also constructs pergolas and decks. It has fences for every kind of property whether it’s residential or commercial. Vanhoose Fence has completed a lot of specialized commercial fences, including sports fences, farm barriers, garden fences, safety railings, and galvanized wire fencing.