The Best Fence Installers in Phoenix, Arizona

Fence work can refer to a wide variety of materials and processes, everything from pool fences to temporary barriers. A good fence contractor works in a variety of markets from residential to commercial and industrial, which can make it a little difficult for clients to find the perfect fence installer for their particular project. If you live in Arizona, we’re here to make your life a little simpler: we’ve curated six of the best fence installers in Phoenix. These contractors are the metro area’s leading firms, carrying the industry’s best products, brands, and materials. We handpicked these firms after reviewing their work, the service areas they covered, their professional backgrounds, and the awards they have earned.

Hurricane-Fence-Iron Fence

Hurricane Fence

PO Box 18166, Phoenix, AZ 85005

Hurricane Fence has been in the industry for the past five decades and extends its services throughout the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.  It provides references upon request and is noted for its excellent customer service. The firm puts together a personalized, highly tailored process for each of its clients and has consistently finished all of its projects on time and within budget. The firm is a minority woman-owned business and is a proud holder of a Native-American owned certification. Focusing more on its products and services, the firm offers chain-link, ornamental iron, and wood fencing. 

Its portfolio includes a variety of block walls, security fences, and temporary fencing. The firm is one of the very few companies in the area to offer a ten-year warranty. As its name suggests, its fences are highly durable and more than capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Phoenix-Fence-Co.-Chain-link Fence

Phoenix Fence Co.

P.O. Box 21183, Phoenix, AZ 85036

Phoenix Fence is a leading figure in the Arizona fencing and gate automation industry. It has been in the industry since 1959 and is recognized as one of the metro area’s largest companies. It provides chain link, ornamental iron, and additional fencing solutions and also extends its services in the Scottsdale area. The firm is fully licensed and insured and maintains affiliations with organizations such as the American Fence Association and the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association. The firm specializes in commercial, industrial, and educational projects and is fully equipped to handle any fencing gig regardless of size.

The firm has its own fleet of vehicles and equipment. And its fence trucks are custom-built by their own mechanics, so each one is customized to cater to fencing projects. 

Blooming-Vista-Landscape-Custom Fence

Blooming Vista Landscape

P O Box 11489, Chandler, AZ 85248

Headquartered in Chandler, Blooming Vista Landscape is an expert in outdoor spaces and services. The firm provides potential customers with free estimates and assists with the financial aspects of a project.  The firm has established a name for itself for its excellent designs and use of the latest industry technology such as AutoCAD. The firm has been in the industry for the better part of a decade and guides clients throughout the entire process. 

The firm’s fencing work often complements its outdoor projects. Pools and unique additions for clients looking to create new entertainment areas in their homes are the firm’s specialty.

Arizona-Pool-Fence-Custom Fence

Arizona Pool Fence

1513 W Hatcher Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85021

As you may guess from its name, Arizona Pool Fence primarily specializes in homeowners’ pool fencing needs. Arizona Pool has been in business for more than 15 years and offers potential clients free estimates. It extends its services throughout all of Phoenix and has also worked on several pool cover and safety gates. All of its projects come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and are some of the best in the market. The firm is a family-owned endeavor and, unlike the firms on this list, it is proud to say that it manufactures many of its own products, giving it an edge in terms of the technology it uses.

The company has worked on over 15,000 installations since its inception and is proud to have been hailed as one of the “Best Fence Companies in Phoenix 2019” by Expertise. The firm is best known for its mesh pool fences, which are the strongest UV coated nylon mesh available in the market. These fences are safe and transparent, making them a popular choice for families with young children.

Armor-Fence-Custom Fence

Armor Fence

1055 Aviation Dr., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404

Operating out of its main office in Lake Havasu, Armor Fence handles every aspect of a fencing project and offers a wide range of services. It also assists with financing planning through partnerships with local banks. The firm also accepts payments across a variety of credit cards and is fully licensed and insured. The firm has been in business for over five decades and extends its services throughout Mohave County and its surrounding nearby areas. The firm is a proud member of several important organizations such as the American Fence Association and its local Chamber of Commerce.

The project above is a great example of one of the firm’s chain-link fences. These types of fences are popular with both commercial and residential owners alike. Chain link is one of the easiest and most cost-effective fences to install and noted for its excellent security. The firm’s chain-link fences typically come in galvanized steel, which makes them long-lasting: they can remain rust-free for years. 

DCS-Pool-Barriers-Iron Fence

DCS Pool Barriers

11002 N23rd Ave. Suite #3, Phoenix, AZ 85029

DCS Pool Barriers services both the commercial and residential sectors. As its name implies, it specializes in pool barriers and offers potential clients free estimates. The company works throughout the entire Phoenix metropolitan area and aside from its fencing projects, the firm also provides backyard entry gate and foster care pool safety requirement services. The firm’s portfolio depicts a variety of custom iron works, security fencing, perimeter fencing, and powder coating services. The firm has its own custom metal manufacturing facility, which has enabled it to develop and craft high-quality metal and materials. The firm insists on using only premium-grade steel. 

The firm is also capable of working on highly customized wrought iron fences. DCS projects are often marked by their gorgeous, custom carving and coloring.

Stirling-Fence-Co.-Wooden Fence

Stirling Fence Co

5901 Wagon Wheel Ln., Lakeside, AZ 85929

With nearly four decades of industry experience, Stirling Fence provides its clients with an excellent and comprehensive range of services. It works throughout the entire Lakeside and White Mountain area, including Heber-Overgaard, Springerville, Alpine, Holbrook, and St. Johns. Given its years of experience, the company is experienced in every aspect of the fencing process and offers its customers affordable solutions that enhance their homes and cater to their needs. It commits itself to excellent services and is noted for completing all of its fences on time and within budget. Stirling specializes in both residential and commercial projects and uses only the best materials and tools. 

The firm’s projects come with warranties and are often completed in partnership with some of the area’s best professionals. These fences are made of durable materials and come in a variety of styles. Aside from its fence work, Stirling also works on gating systems. Interested clients may contact the firm’s team through 928-537-1800.

Buffalo-Fence-&-Barn -Picket Fence

Buffalo Fence & Barn

5820 N US Hwy. 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Buffalo Fence offers start-to-finish solutions for every project and has been operating around the area since 1984. It is family-owned and operated and as its name suggests, specializes in both fencing and barns. It has also worked on several gates and plasma cutting, which it is able to achieve through its own plasmaCAM setup that allows it to design and cut out almost anything a client may want for its gates and decorative pieces.  The firm specializes in both commercial and residential projects and offers a variety of packages. Its inventories house a  large selection of fence products for the do-it-yourself homeowner or general contractor. The Buffalo Fence store also carries a complete line of tools and hardware for constructing all types of fencing jobs.

The firm’s residential portfolio includes simple range fencing to decorative iron. Its commercial endeavors, on the other hand, feature large projects spread all over Northern Arizona and include fences completed for military bases, detention centers, business buildings, and schools. If interested, you may contact the firm through the following number: 928-526-0566.

Biff-Baker-Fence-Co.-VInyl Fence

Biff Baker Fence Co.

3540 E Golf Links Rd., Tucson, AZ 85713

Founded in 1978, Biff Baker operates out of its office in Tucson and is regarded as one of Southern Arizona's leading suppliers of quality fencing of all types. These include chain link, ornamental iron, wood, vinyl, and horse fencing. It also crafts and manufactures decorative metal windows and doors, in addition to several other specialty products such as horse corrals and shades. The company is family-owned and operated and makes use of only the best materials and methods. It is also licensed and bonded and offers interested clients with free estimates, which they may avail through calling Biff Baker’s number 520-323-9427.

Biff Baker extends its services throughout the Greater Tucson area. Aside from its fencing, it also provides gate installation and repair services. It does not limit its projects to the residential market and its portfolio contains plenty of commercial and industrial work. 

Arizona-Pool-Fence-Toddler-Safety-Systems-Custom Fence

Arizona Pool Fence Toddler Safety Systems

1513 W Hatcher Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85021

Servicing the entirety of Phoenix, Arizona Pool Fence offers the best pool covers, fences, and safety gates manufactured by Toddler Safety Systems. All of its projects come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty throughout Arizona. Furthermore, it has completed over 15,000 installations since its inception in 2001. The firm is led by owners Tim and Gina Maloney, under whose leadership the company also crafts many of its products. That local production gives the firm an edge in terms of technology and working with very competitive pricing. The firm has secured a solid reputation for itself throughout its years in business and was recently recognized in 2019 by Expertise as one of the “Best Fence Companies in Phoenix.”

Prospective clients may contact the firm through 602-840-5591 and inquire about their specialties. The project above is an example of one of its glass pool fences. These primarily come in two heights: four feet and five feet with 100% see-through ability. Its post systems come in stainless steel, aluminum brushed, and non-brushed finishes.

USA-Fence-Custom Fence

USA Fence

39448 N 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85086

Extending its services throughout Phoenix and the areas surrounding it, USA Fence has been in business for the past two decades. It offers an extensive range of services and works with a variety of materials including wood fencing, iron fencing, vinyl fencing, barbed wire fencing, cedar fencing, and warehouse fencing. The company takes on both commercial and residential projects and is manned by a staff of experienced and talented professionals with years of experience working around Phoenix. Alongside USA Fence’s excellent craftsmanship also comes its competitive pricing, perfect for clients with a specific budget in mind. 

The firm’s projects are made with only the best materials, and they not only protect a client’s property but also enhance its environment. Interested clients may contact the firm at 480-712-5297.

Ironman-Pool-Fence-Steel Fence

Ironman Pool Fence

4206 E Winslow Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Ironman services both the commercial and residential markets and is capable of working on a variety of other specialty work on top of its usual fencing services. The firm has been in business since 1997 and is fully licensed and insured. Its comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the business has enabled it to become a leading choice among contractors and homeowners valley-wide. As its name suggests, the firm primarily specializes in pool projects and first started out exclusively as a pool fencing firm before branching out into commercial fencing, decorative iron gates, and mesh pool fencing. 

The firm now manufactures and powder coats all of its iron fences in-house and ensures that each of its projects’ fit its respective and unique landscapes. Ironman also annually donates pool fences to deserving families and may be contacted through 480-829-6121.