The Best Fence Installers in San Diego, California

Installing fences is not simple, whatever people might think. There are a number of complex issues that homeowners tend to overlook when they install their own fencing. Professional fence installers have the experience that lets them survey every factor that can affect the durability of the fence. Do-it-yourself fences are, of course, cheaper in the short-term, but they will almost certainly need to be replaced sooner. 

You might have better immediate results, and save money in the long-term, if you hire a professional fence-installer. This article talks about eleven of the best fence installers in San Diego, California. All of these contractors can service residential and commercial clients. Furthermore, these contractors are not limited to fence installations: they repair and install other landscape accessories as well. We looked at their body of work and customer reviews as we narrowed down this list of the best in San Diego. 

Alpine Fence wooden fence

Alpine Fence

For almost four decades, Alpine Fence has provided customer-centered fencing services to San Diego neighborhoods. The goal of every Alpine Fence project is to provide high-quality fences that are priced at fair rates. Alpine Fence achieves these budget-friendly rates by matching other contractor’s prices while using the same or similar materials.

The firm also has its own fabrication workshop that can create custom fences and gates. Its fabrication workshop allows the firm to offer fence styles that are unique to Alpine Fence: the firm proudly offers more than 200 fence styles. The firm also sells wholesale materials made in the workshop.

Balboa Fence wooden fence

Balboa Fence

Brette Kidder has been repairing and installing fences for more than ten years; it was only a matter of time before he established his own firm. In 2013, Kidder established Balboa Fence in San Marcos Way. Kidder always makes sure that he offers fairly-priced fences. Many clients praise the firm for installing clean, polished fences with a professional team of experts.

Wood, chain link, vinyl, and iron fences are available for residential clients in San Diego County. For wood fences, the firm offers cedar, redwood, and fir. The firm’s ts vinyl fence offerings have many color options, and customers can choose between a fence that offers privacy or the decorative picket style.

Fence Works Inc steel fence

Fence Works Inc

Industry leader Fence Works Inc is one of California’s biggest fencing companies. It has nine branches located in Riverside, Anaheim, Palmdale, San Diego, Santa Paula, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Fresno, and Manteca. Fence Works’s branches throughout California means that it can respond to individual neighborhoods within an hour. Besides its residential fences, Fence Works provides architectural design and value engineering. 

Fence Works has a wide range of fences that include vinyl, wood, tubular steel, concrete, and chain link fencing. The firm also offers its fencing services to homeowner associations and model homes. Its Homeowners Association Fencing department focuses on servicing community association boards. Fence Works will propose its fence products to association board meetings and provide samples, recommendations, and warranties for its fences. And its model fencing department can provide fences to model openings on short notice. 

GB’S Fence Company steel fence

GB’S Fence Company

Southern California-based GB’s Fence Company is proud of having a team of professionals that has a combined 40 years of experience. The firm has been installing and repairing fences for residential and commercial customers in Chula Vista and San Diego county for twenty years.  Many customers go to the firm for its free estimates and its on-site showroom. 

Aside from its experienced installers, GB’s Fence also has a team of artisan welders that can create custom ornamental iron fences. This type of fence is perfect for homeowners who want an elegant fence that provides enhanced security. For homeowners looking for a more traditional option, vinyl and wood fences are also available. Both styles have different colors and styles that clients can choose from. The firm guarantees that its vinyl fences do not fade or peel. It also guarantees that its pressure treated wooden fences will last up to 40 years.

Greenfield Fence custom fence

Greenfield Fence

Greenfield Fence has been installing fences in San Diego county since 1984 and it has always stayed ahead of industry trends. It has an impressive clientele that includes some of the best home builders in the country. These builders include Toll Brothers, Shea Homes, and Tri Pointe Homes. Greenfield Fence is also not limited to residential projects, it can also take on technical commercial and private properties.

Unlike its competitors, Greenfield Fence has its own on-site fabrication facility, which is why the firm is capable of servicing projects on any scale. Whether it’s a simple single-family home or a public establishment, its fabrication facility can create the custom resources necessary. The firm provides all of the common fence materials, including vinyl, wood, and chain link but Greenfield Fence also offers unconventional materials like glass, stainless steel, and concrete.

HD Fence Inc custom fence

HD Fence Inc

Residential and commercial fence installer HD Fence has been in business since 2011. It primarily services the La Mesa neighborhood of San Diego county. Installation and fence repair are the main focus, but HD Fence is also more than capable of providing gate, handrail, guardrail installations, automatic gate operators, game court enclosures, and dog walks. 

Reliabuilt Fence Company wooden fence

Reliabuilt Fence Company

Family-owned and operated Reliabuilt Fence Company offers a wide range of fence services, and those services include but are not limited to residential projects. Its highly experienced team can take on a variety of commercial projects including barns, office buildings, and public establishments. Commercial clients hire the firm for its special pricing on city projects, home builder associations, and general contractors. And all of its projects come with a guaranteed 12-month warranty. 

Reliabuilt offers aluminum, wood, glass, vinyl, and chain link fences. Father-and-son George Sr. and George Jr. have been in the fence industry for more than three decades: establishing Reliabuilt was a testament to their years of hard work. The founders’ years of experience have made them experts in every kind of fence material.

Scott Fence Company custom fence

Scott Fence Company

The Scott family history is an inspiring story of perseverance and hard work. Originally from Cayman Brac Island, Captain Sebert Scott used to import bananas to the United States but unfortunately his ship’s engines were destroyed. This unfortunate accident left him broke: he had no choice but to migrate to Texas with Captain Percy Scott. When he settled in the States he established Scott Fence Company in 1956. After thirty years, Sebert gave the company to Kent Scott and his father.

The father-and-son worked on the company together for twelve years. In 1986, Kent headed his own Scott Fence Company in Carlsbad, California. The main branch headed by Kent’s father mostly offered traditional fence options. Kent moved to Southern California to take on more unconventional projects. The firm offers its diverse fences to residential and commercial clients. Besides its fence options, the firm also offers hand-forged gates and iron art ornaments.

Superior Fence Company wooden fence

Superior Fence Company

Headquartered in Vista City you’ll find the multifaceted Superior Fence Company. It has a diverse clientele that includes the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. These clients hire Superior Fence for its secure fences installed by a professional team of fence experts. The goal of the firm is to install fences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. The firm’s team has a combined 40 years of experience and trained to install and repair any type of fence. 

Some of the fence selections that Superior Fence offers are wood, vinyl, and custom iron. Clients come to Superior Fence for its quality fences that give privacy and security. The firm’s fences are sturdy enough to be used as horse fences for ranches and industrial sites. For its wood and vinyl fences, the firm can create custom finishes that vary in color and structure.

The Fence Company wooden fence

The Fence Company

The Fence Company is a veteran-owned business that’s been servicing San Diego for more than 20 years. The firm stands out in the San Diego fencing industry because it always puts a premium on customer service. Most of The Fence Company’s online presence comes from positive reviews from many of its residential customers. A lot of these reviews praise the firm’s professionalism: projects are completed on-time and its response rate is impressively fast.

The firm’s specialty is installing wood, vinyl, and chain link fences to residential properties. Its most popular option is vinyl, and The Fence Company is the leading vinyl fence provider in San Diego. Some of the options you’ll find on the firm’s website include the classic white fence and custom pool fences. There are two varieties available for its wooden fences: dogear cedar and picture frame style.

The Fence Dr. wooden fence

The Fence Dr.

For the past 15 years, The Fence Dr. has provided residential fencing for beach communities in Carlsbad. It calls itself a “customer-focused” fence company and a number of customers have left positive reviews in the firm’s social media pages. Most of the reviews commend Founder Dan Rynkofs because he provided the best estimate and was very open to client input. The Fence DR. is not limited to fence installation and repair: its other services include deck, handrail, and patio cover installations. 

Vinyl and wood fences are the firm’s specialty. Its fences have excellent craftsmanship that varies in accents, trim, and foundation. Rynkofs will give a thorough walkthrough of the available fence options and elaborate on the perfect material for the customer. The Fence DR also offers a variety of deck and patio covers that customers can choose from.